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Name:Muse,prompt, meme, fic and rp community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a different sort of writing community
This community is extremely different than most writing communities. I started it on LJ for people who like memes, especially long ones. That and people who do NaNoWriMo and like to write. However, it'll be drastically different here.

You have to fill out an application and depending on your interest, you may have to fill out an application separate from the introduction, as well as email the mod(dependent on your interests).

This community is different because it doesn't allow fandom politics or snobbery, period. If I catch anyone being a snob or a canon nazi, you get booted immediately. This is writing community, not a fandom discussion community or anything like that.

Because this community allows so much and there so so many expansions on the rules for each category, they will be added one by one.That being said, the following is allowed

* OC muses
* OC fandom muses & characters(rules and restrictions apply)
* OC fic, including OC fandom fic, provided it doesn't violate the Mary Sue rule. I have a different definition than the litmus test, so look at the public post about it.
* Memes galore, but based on a vote from members, it will center around either writing, characters or general memes
* Prompts of various sorts-These are usually from various writing books and kits, but the members can vote on topics they think should be the prompt of the month. Moderators get final say(If you want to be one, contact me).
* RPG, whether it's on personal muse journals or in the rp community(soon to come) of all sorts. It can be genre-based, fandom based, completely MYOC(Make your own character) or a random group one based on everyone's muses and characters.

General Rule of thumb: We operate on the honor system. Do not steal other people's work, claim it as your own or any of that b.s. This is to have fun in a more open, anything goes type of community. There are only a few things I'm not allowing, like celebrity rpgs. There are plenty of other communities for that and this isn't one of them.

*Memes: This really is random for the most part and I posted about it on the community.

Basic Rules for Writers

Want to introduce your canon and tell the community about it? Feel free and invite us into your world. Some may bite, some may not-It's all up to each member.

NaNoWriMoIf you have ideas that you were going to use for NaNoWriMo, but wound up not using, you may use them here. You can also get help editing a posted work, as we'll have an editing exchange.

OC fic-Now, I realize that not everyone likes to read stories that aren't fan fiction. The thing is, we're all supposed to help each other, whether it's CC, editing or offering suggestions to the community itself. Keep an open mind-Their story could be good and not some of the crappier free books they put up on Barnes and Noble. Who knows-Thanks to you, they may actually be one of the good ones.

Fanfiction-If you participate in the fandom, don't be a canon nazi. Fanon is perfectly acceptable and it's more important to point out stuff like crossovers that make no sense whatsoever, OC's in a fic that are self-insertions, the characters being OOC and whatnot.

Prompts-I have a million books and kits on writing I'm going to do prompts for, but you all aren't just more than welcome to suggest prompts, I highly encourage it. I'm even going to have polls up up to see which one everyone wants to do most out of the suggestions. They'll stick up for the entire month and you can do one, two or all of them, it's your call.

NaNoWriMo-This community offers people who have run out of steam, didn't finish, were too nervous to start or try and had ideas, but scrapped them for another one.

Journals-This community isn't just for writing journals, it's for muse journals and rp journals, even if role-playing will be in a separate journal and community.

No RPF. I'm not allowing celebrity RPG's, so I don't see why there should be an exception in fan fiction. This is a fiction community, which means the actors or just any real-life celebrity from the fandom isn't allowed in.

*The only exception to this rule I will make is that episode of Supernatural where the boys stumbled into a world where they were the actors and life was the cast. If you do that with your fandom, I don't give a shit.

We're a new community and need mods, so if you'd like to mod, email me at
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